Holidays in Norway 2023

Holidays in Norway 2023

In this short publication, School-Holidays.Info will tell you about ofiicial and unofficial holidays in Norway 2023. These include both religious and traditional holidays. All dates are officially approved by the government.

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Official holidays in Norway 2023

There are 12 public holidays in Norway. These days most people have a day off. The exceptions are those whose profession does not allow taking days off (police officers, doctors, etc.). Also, there is no day off for one or more holidays, if it is written in the contract. Below are public holidays in Norway 2022 by month.


  • New Year: 01.01.2023.


  • Maundy Thursday: 04/06/2023;
  • Good Friday: 04/07/2023;
  • Easter Sunday: 04/09/2023;
  • Easter Monday: 04/10/2023.


  • Labor Day: 05/01/2023;
  • Constitution Day: 05/17/2023;
  • Ascension of Christ: 05/18/2023;
  • Sunday of Pentecost: 05/28/2023;
  • Trinity on Monday: 05/29/2023.


  • Christmas: 12/25/2023;
  • 2nd day of Christmas: 12/26/2023.

Unofficial holidays in Norway 2023

On unofficial holidays, the inhabitants of Norway do not have a day off. If for some reason you need it, this must be indicated in the contract when hiring. Below are all the unofficial (traditional) holidays in Norway 2023 by month.


  • Mother’s Day: 02/12/2023;
  • Valentine’s Day: 02/14/2023.


  • Palm Sunday: 04/02/2023;
  • Easter Saturday: 04/08/2023.


  • Liberation day: 05/08/2023.


  • Summer night: 06/23/2023.


  • Halloween: 10/31/2023.


  • Father’s Day: 11/12/2023.


  • 1st week of Advent: 03.12.2023;
  • 2nd week of Advent: 12/10/2023;
  • 3rd week of Advent: 12/17/2023;
  • Christmas Eve: 12/24/2023;
  • 4th week of Advent: 12/24/2023;
  • New Year’s Eve: 12/31/2023.

In this publication, we talked about ofiicial and unofficial holidays in Norway 2023. We hope it was useful to you. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends!

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