School holidays in Hungary 2022-2023: exact dates

School holidays in Hungary 2022-2023

In this short publication, School-Holidays.Info will tell you about the school holidays in Hungary 2022-2023. We’ll provide the dates of the beginning and end of the summer, autumn, winter and spring holidays. We’ll also indicate the public holidays on which Hungarian schools are closed. Information obtained from the official publication of Hungary Hungarian Gazette No. 128 of 2022.

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School holidays in Hungary 2022-2023

Below are the start and end dates for school holidays in Hungary. The dates indicated are the first and last days of rest. There are no classes on these days.

  • Summer holidays 2022: from June 16 to August 31;
  • Autumn holidays: from October 31 to November 6;
  • Winter holidays: from December 22, 2022 to January 2, 2023;
  • Spring holidays: from 6 to 11 April;
  • Summer holidays 2023: from June 16 to August 31.

Other weekends in Hungarian schools

Schoolchildren in Hungary have days off for public holidays. Some of them are on school holidays and can be ignored. But there are public holidays that fall during the school period. Here is a list of public holidays when schools in Hungary are closed:

  • October 23 – Memorial Day of the Hungarian uprising of 1956;
  • March 15, 2023 – Revolution Day of 1848;
  • May 1, 2023 – Labor Day;
  • May 29, 2023 – Pentecost.

In this short publication, we told what the school holidays will be like in Hungary 2022-2023. We hope you found what you were looking for. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends!

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