Holidays in Ireland 2023, bank holidays

Holidays in Ireland 2023

In this short publication, School-Holidays.Info will tell you about the holidays in Ireland in 2023. We’ll provide the dates of public and unofficial holidays. For your convenience, we have arranged them in chronological order. We’ll also talk about the three most revered saints.

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What is a bank holiday?

These days were called those on which banks are closed. Many residents of Ireland and Great Britain had holidays in those days. Banks used them for their internal operations.

It so happened that bank holidays became associated with regular public holidays in Ireland. Therefore, many Irish people began to call any extraordinary days off “Bank holidays”.

Public holidays in Ireland 2023

Below is a list of public holidays in 2023 in Ireland. These days, most residents have a day off. For convenience, we have arranged them in chronological order by month.


New Year – 01/01/2023.


Saint Patrick’s Day – 17/03/2023.

Saint Patrick is a preacher who supposedly died in 461 or 493. He is credited with explaining the principle of the Holy Trinity using the clover shamrock as an example. Therefore, the shamrock has become a symbol of this day. In honor of St. Patrick, parades, processions and festivities are organized.


Easter Monday – 10/04/2023.


The first of May (May holiday) – 01/05/2023.


June bank holiday – 05/06/2023.


August bank holiday – 07/08/2023.


October bank holiday – 30/10/2023.


  • Christmas – 25/12/2023;
  • St. Stephen’s Day – 26/12/2023.

Unofficial Irish holidays 2023

In addition to public holidays, there are unofficial ones in Ireland. These are working days on which the Irish celebrate a special occasion. As a rule, they arrange a festive lunch or dinner. Here is a list of them:

  • 06/02/2023 – Saint Brigid’s Day*;
  • 07/04/2023 – Good Friday;
  • 09/04/2023 – Easter Sunday;
  • 09/06/2023 – Day of St. Columba**;
  • 31/12/2023 – New Year’s Eve.

Saint Brigid, according to legend, was the midwife of the Virgin Mary. It is believed that on the eve of February 6, she goes from house to house in Ireland. She blesses people and their homes. On this day, the Irish set the festive table.

** Saint Columba or Saint Colmcille is revered in Scotland and Ireland. Many great miracles are attributed to him. Historians believe that this is a real preacher, born on December 7, 521 and died on June 9, 597.

In this publication, we told you about public and unofficial holidays in Ireland 2023. We also gave a brief description of the three most revered saints. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends!

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