Holidays in Denmark 2023: dates of public and unofficial holidays

Holidays in Denmark 2023

In this publication, School-Holidays.Info will tell you about public (national) and unofficial holidays in Denmark 2023. We’ll provide dates and brief comments where necessary.

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Official public holidays in Denmark 2023

Public holidays in Denmark involve a day off. But some institutions and services continue to work. For example, police, hospitals, transport, etc. In the private sector, employees may be recruited if specified in the contract. The amount of the surcharge must also be specified in the contract. Below are the official (national, public) holidays in Denmark 2023:


  • 01/01/2023 – New Year.


  • 04/06/2023 – Maundy Thursday;
  • 04/07/2023 – Good Friday;
  • 04/09/2023 – Easter Sunday;
  • 04/10/2023 – Easter Monday.


  • 05/05/2023 – Great day of prayer;
  • 05/18/2023 – Ascension of Christ;
  • 05/28/2023 – Sunday of Pentecost;
  • 05/29/2023 – Trinity on Monday.


  • 12/25/2023 – Christmas;
  • 12/26/2023 – St. Stephen’s Day, the second day of Christmas.

Unofficial public holidays in Denmark 2023

In addition to public holidays, Denmark celebrates unofficial holidays. From a legal point of view, these are normal working days. But employees of private companies can stipulate additional days off in the contract.

There is no additional payment for work on unofficial holidays in Denmark 2022. On the contrary, if an employee does not work on such a day, this may affect his salary. Below is a list of unofficial public holidays in Denmark 2023:


  • 05/01/2023 – Labor Day*;
  • 05/05/2023 – Liberation Day;
  • 05/14/2023 – Mother’s Day;
  • 05/19/2023 – Bank holiday.

* Holiday and day off for certain working specialties, industries. Private companies decide on their own whether to make this day a day off.


  • 06/05/2023 – Father’s Day;
  • 06/05/2023 – Constitution Day*.

* Day off in the public and banking sectors. Possible day off in private companies.


  • 12/24/2023 – Christmas Eve*;
  • 12/31/2023 – New Year’s Eve.

* Banks and some government offices may be closed. Short working hours possible.

In this short publication, we have given the dates of the holidays in Denmark in 2023. We hope the information was useful to you. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends!

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